Lent – time of conversion in a double dimension


by Fr. Antonio Gerardo Fidalgo, CSsR
(from the Alphonsian Academy blog)

Christian conversion calls for being attentive to the call of God, to fix one’s gaze on a twofold movement, which can help to reorient one’s life path in a double dimension. It is a matter of looking deep inside and seeing how to act at the heart of reality. Very inward and very outward at the same time. Without dualism, but not without complex and paradoxical tensions.

To look deep, deep inside, to rediscover who we are and who we can become, to aim to rehabilitate the communional dynamics of our relational reality. We are the workmanship of God, who is community-communion. His dynamic shapes us and moves us from the depths to overcome all individualistic, egocentric and selfish tendencies and expand as relational human beings through humanising and liberating relationships. […]

Since it is a Christian experience, conversion must always be incarnated in the here and now of historical reality. A sapiential and prophetic gaze that discovers the call of the God-of-Life both in the great and small things that taste of the presence of the Kingdom, as well as in the deep cries that remind us how much sin must be removed from our world. We are called to generate hope, spaces that host and care for life in its integrality.

Having said this, our steps of personal and communitarian conversion should be accompanied by this double dimension so that we can discern and decide which will be the profound and committed gestures which will allow us not only to realise this conversion but to manifest and celebrate it as a sign that we open ourselves to the gift of Redemption, which is nothing other than liberating communion.


(the entire text, in Spanish, is available on the Alphonsian Academy website)

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