Missionaries of Hope, in the footsteps of the Redeemer: Our Vita Apostolica in a Change of Era


Redemptorists receive the Final Document of the XXVI General Chapter

The General Council chose the feast of St. Clement to publish the Final Document of the XXVI General Chapter of the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer, which was sent together with the accompanying collection of Decisions and Directives to all Units of our Congregation. 

The reflections contained in the Final Document are the fruit of a synodal process that began with a general consultation of the Congregation, giving voice and listening to all confreres and lay partners and which, through the work of the Central Preparatory Commission, took shape, eventually giving rise to the Working Document for Phase I, and culminated at the canonical Phase II of the General Chapter. 

The presented Final Document captures the dynamics and the spirit in and of the Chapter. But not only that. It will also stimulate the whole Congregation in its apostolic life and pastoral ministry – from the communities in community meetings, retreats, and the elaboration of apostolic plans to the levels of governments, chapters and assemblies. 

What inspires us? What ideas help us to improve our apostolic life? What present elements help us to work to deepen our identity, mission, consecrated life, initial and ongoing formation and our leadership at all levels?  – The document’s authors are confident that their work is an aid to our reflection as to who we are as Redemptorists today and to illuminate our pastoral action throughout the sexennium that has just begun.