Work progress on Watershed Development at Mokhada, Palghar


“Every drop counts”

(India) We have heard this phrase numerous times, but little do we know that there are people toiling hard to contribute their bit towards this and for the sustenance of their livelihood. 

The Sanjeevan Seva Rakhshan Trust @Panodi has undertaken the “Watershed Development Project” that involves conserving rainwater, increasing the forest cover, ensuring water availability for the irrigation facilities, promoting livelihood and thereby sustaining a village community at a time.

The watershed project is a gradual process of development that includes:

1. MOTIVATION: First, it involves motivating villagers to be a part of the project by sharing the long-term benefits of the watershed project.
2. MARKING: After their cooperation, we begin marking the watershed area.
3. TRENCHES:  The work begins with the digging of trenches as per the required size. (WAT or CCT)
4. PLANTING: Fruit-bearing trees are planted just before the monsoon season begins.

This process could be summed up this way-

•           Catching every drop of rain,
•           Slowing down the flow of rainwater (Where it runs make it walk, Where it walks make it stand)
•           Letting the water seep inside the soil (Where it stands make it seep into the ground)
•           So, increase the groundwater level for irrigation and various agricultural purposes.

Request your prayers and continued support for the success of this project.

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