Spiritual Exercises in Ecuador


The week of Spiritual Exercises of the Province of Quito was held at the Franciscan Sisters’ house in Riobamba (Ecuador) from the 22nd to the 27th of May, with the presence of all the confreres of the Province. The meeting was led by Fr. Pedro López, a redemptorist.

Setting out from official documents of the last General Chapter, Fr. Pedro invited retreat participants to re-imagine our Redemptorist identity as founded on three pillars: missionary discipleship, the vita apostolica (in its double dimension of consecrated life and missionary work), and community.

The confreres appreciated the opportunity to rework fundamental themes such as the following of Jesus Christ, the spiritual life, the importance of mission with a new missionary dynamism, life according to the evangelical counsels, community life and leadership. The clarity of the presentation and the preacher’s practical knowledge of the topics were highly appreciated.

The intense moments of prayer and celebration, the fraternal fellowship and the good climate created among all the confreres made possible a few days of spiritual renewal and preparation for the subsequent creation of the Andean-Caribbean Unit.

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