Philippines: St. Clement Mission Seminary Welcomes New Seminarians for Formation year 2023-2024


Quezon City- Manila, 12 August 2023— The St. Clement Mission Seminary, a place of spiritual formation and growth, was filled with joy and hope as it formally embraced a new cohort of seminarians for the Formation Year 2023-2024. This promising group, consisting of some college students and senior high school scholars, embarked on their journey of faith and service with a profound sense of purpose in the Redemptorist congregation.
With those new seminarians, St Clement Mission Seminary now has 19 seminarians, including six senior high school students, nine collegians, and four individuals undergoing the immersion program.

This ceremony not only marked the official induction of the new seminarians but also bore witness to their profound commitment to the life of the Redemptorist community. The event’s highlight was the Rite of Acceptance, a solemn occasion during which the new seminarians were officially accepted into the seminary.

With deep reverence, each of them was adorned with crosses, symbolizing their dedication to the principles and values upheld by St. Clement Mission Seminary. In an atmosphere of reverence and anticipation, the members of the Student Council also took their oath, pledging to lead, support, and inspire their newly accepted brothers throughout their formation journey. This pivotal role involves guiding their peers in nurturing their spiritual, intellectual, and personal growth, all while embodying the charism of the Redemptorists.

Father Jerome Abila, C.Ss.R., in his address during the Eucharistic Celebration, emphasized the significance of this moment in the lives of the new seminarians. He spoke of the challenges and blessings that come with the path they have chosen, urging them to be steadfast in their commitment to the mission of the Redemptorists.

The St. Clement Mission Seminary community rejoiced in this promising start to the Formation Year 2023-2024, where the new formands will be guided and mentored by dedicated formators and staff members. Their presence adds vitality and fervour to the mission of the seminary, ensuring that the legacy of compassionate service and spiritual growth continues to flourish. As these young men embark on this sacred journey of formation, they carry with them the hopes and prayers of the St. Clement Mission Seminary community, confident that they will emerge as compassionate and dedicated Redemptorists, ready to positively impact the world around them.

Duc Trung Vu, CSsR and Seminarian Luke B. Gealogo