Workshop on Pastoral Works in Indonesia


One of the capacity-building programs for Indonesian Redemptorist confreres is about pastoral management. Therefore, the Pastoral Workshop was held in early September 5-8 September 2023 at the Saint Alphonsus Retreat house, Redemptorist Conference, Weetebula. The workshop is an annual program for all of us. This year we took the subject of Pastoral management.

This workshop was helped by Fr. Dr. Gito Wiratmo Pr. Fr. Gito, the director of the Sanjaya Pastoral Center, Muntilan, Archdiocese of Semarang – Central Java. He taught the Ecclesiology course when we were all still studying at Sanata Dharma University.

For several days we received enlightenment and training on how to plan, organize, conduct, and evaluate pastoral work. The 5 D Cycle of Appreciative Inquiry method, namely Definition, Discovery, Dream, Design, Destiny/Delivery Process, was introduced to all of us.

“All of you are managers who have to manage the roles and tasks entrusted to you. You are not just a craftsman. You have to do better to take initiative and be creative in carrying your ministry.  Therefore, managerial roles must be the expertise of each of us who is entrusted to lead so that we can help ourselves and the people who collaborate with us in service work”, said he.

For four days we shared experiences of what we had done and then practiced seriously and opened ourselves up to be guided by Fr. Gito to become reliable managers.

“Of course, this training is just the beginning. We must continue to practice in this way so that we become more skilled in formulating and applying the Vision, Mission, Strategic plans, and action plans for the work that we design,” he continued.

On the last day of the Workshop, the Redemptorist Provincial appointed and confirmed Fr. Noverius Caesarius Tse CSsR and Fr. Yohanes Antonius Suban Koten CSsR who has completed courses and training as a Community Missionary for two years. Congratulations to all the participants and looking forward to carrying out the pastoral activities in the respective places. They are both ready to become missionaries of the people who work for the sake of abundant redemption.

Go, you are sent!

Willy Ng Pala, CSsR.