Celebrating Religious Life and Priesthood


(Indonesia) On October 10, 2023, at around 09.00 the confreres and guests arrived at our Novitiate house from various mission sites on Sumba Island. Some came from the east, and west and some came from the north. 

Today is a special day. The Province of Indonesia celebrates the Silver Jubilee and 40 years of religious life of its members. They are Fr. Nuel Gesi, Fr. Mans Watun, Fr. Heribert Fred Bora, Fr. Aste Zangu Ate, Fr. Sius Kaki, and Fr. Giovani Don Bosco Wora (Japan) celebrating their silver anniversary as a Religious.

Meanwhile, the 40th anniversary of religious life was celebrated by Fr. Barnabas Bili Ngongo, Fr. Thomas Wungo, and Fr. Sebastian Ani (Japan).

At the same time, Fr. Arnold Yansen Tao, Fr. Remigius Sila, and Fr. Willy Ng Pala celebrated the silver jubilee of their priesthood.

All these celebrations were united in the Eucharistic Celebration which was led by P. Jack Umbu Warata, Provincial Redemptorist Indonesia. They accompanied him all.

Apart from the confreres, this joyful celebration was also attended by parents and family, sisters, friends, and acquaintances.

In his homily, Fr. Remi Sila, a former Samoan missionary, invited the people present to reflect and learn from Yunus (A Redemptorist in charge of students house in Java), Marta, and Mary to become listeners of God’s will and doers of it.

 “By taking a moment to listen to God’s will and then preparing to do what must be done, we are ready to carry out our mission of preaching, even though it is difficult, with enthusiasm as exemplified by our three figures in today’s reading,” he said.

In his speech before his brothers and sisters, the provincial invited the confreres and faithful to always learn to believe faithfully. “God’s faithfulness and your loyalty are important and main things to continue to persevere in our current life choices,” he said.

“In living together, let us always listen to God’s word and continue to cultivate a humble spirit. What is no less important is not to forget the Eucharist, pay attention to community life, and do not forget health,” he continued.

After mass, as usual, the entire celebration ended with a meal together and recreation in the Wanno Gaspar yard.

Congratulations to all of you. Keep celebrating your religious and priestly life by serving Him faithfully. Be a Missionary of hope who follows in the footsteps of the redeemer for abundant redemption.

Fr. Willy Ng Pala, C.SS.R.