Young Fathers’ and Lay Partners’ Meet in the Liguori Province


(Kerala, India) The Young Father’s meeting of the Liguori Province, Kerala, India was held from October 4 – 6, 2023. It was an enriching experience for all. How can we be relevant and become a zealous missionary, witnessing Christ the Redeemer in this modern era was the main discussion point. In the present day scenario with its socio-cultural implications and technological advancement, the challenges faced by the confreres were discussed. The input sessions helped the participants to be spiritually motivated and could create a better understanding of children and youth by knowing their behavioural and socio-psychological changes.

We had lay partners’ presence and sharing amidst us which was really uplifting. Their personal sharing and suggestions were motivating. As part of the gathering, we had a day out to refresh ourselves. Praying, sharing and being together these days with a single-minded cause really energized everyone. Thus, the Youth Fathers’ meeting was indeed a fruitful one.

Fr. Bijo Meppurathu C.SS.R.