Germany: Father General visited the Collegium Josephinum Bonn

Fr. Gomes meets youth ministry.

From 17th to 21st November, Father General Rogério Gomes CSSR visited the Collegium Josephinum in Bonn (St. Clements Province) together with Fr. Jairo Díaz CSSR. They came to the final celebration of the big jubilee of 100 years of Redemptorists in Bonn and 100 years of Collegium Josephinum (CoJoBo) in Bonn. In Bonn, the Redemptorists have two types of schools under one roof as well as strong school ministries, Redemptorist volunteering ministry (RVM) and youth ministry. All projects are connected to young people and full of activities.

Father General celebrated the Eucharist, where we said thanks for the years of service in Bonn. During this mass, 15 students of the CoJoBo received their confirmation by Fr. Gomes. Many informative meetings, some sightseeing in Bonn and Cologne, and a holy mass with the senior students were highlights of their program. On Monday, Fr. General held a very good lecture for the teachers about the meaning of being a teacher at a Redemptorist school. After the lecture, he had a joyful meeting and a good meal with our staff.

Father Gomes and Father Diaz were very interested in how the Redemptorists serve the youth in Bonn.

Fr. Jürgen Langer CSSR