In Memory of Enrique Dussel (1934-2023)

Enrique Dussel. Foto: Antonio Nava / Secretaria de Cultura / via / CC BY-SA

Fr Antonio Fidalgo C.SS.R., professor of the Alphonsian Academy, remembers his countryman, Latin American philosopher Enrique Dussel, who passed away this November. In his blog entry, Fr Fidalgo has written:

I want to pay a small, but I hope significant tribute to this brother of the path, a brother because of his origin, his research and choices in life and reflection, his contributions widely known in many academic circles, although not always so well known and respected by those who perhaps should. Born in Argentina (Mendoza) and recently died in Mexico (November 5), his adopted homeland, he was married with two children. His formation, philosopher, theologian, and historian is broad and varied, although with well-defined options; he formed and developed his formative and educational activity in different places and encompassing different perspectives: Argentina, Spain, Palestine, France, Germany, and Mexico. […]

Much has been written and is being written about Dussel these days; one only has to do a thorough online search to find everything. Here, we are interested in paying tribute to his memory because of the importance of his contribution to formulating a profoundly humanistic and liberating ethic.

You can consult the full article (Italian), with the footnotes, on the Alphonsian Academy website.