Canonical erection of the Redemptorist Province of Bolivia Peru


The ceremony for the creation of the new Redemptorist province of Bolivia Peru was held on Sunday 10 December.

The Eucharist was presided over by Fr. Marcelo Araujo, CSsR (Coordinator of the Redemptorist Conference of Latin America and the Caribbean) and concelebrated by the members of the new Provincial Government, Mons. José Ignacio Alemany Grau, CSsR, Fr. Gregorio Julián Quiñones Yábar (Episcopal Vicar of the III Vicariate of the Diocese of Chosica) and 30 confreres who gathered to participate in this historic event.

Brother Larry Luján, CSsR, the general consultor, accompanied this ceremony as a representative of the General Government of the Redemptorists. Together with the presence of many faithful who participated in this great event. The mass took place at 9:00. in the Parish Church of San Alfonso María de Ligorio, Santa Anita neighbourhood, in the city of Lima, Peru.

“The Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer, with Protocol n. 226 of the year 2023,
The suppression of the vice-province of Peru Norte n.1507
The suppression of the Vice-Province of Peru South n. 2201
The suppression of the province of Bolivia n. 4800
The Erection of the Province of Bolivia Peru n. 6500

and following the decisions of the last general chapters, the new provincial council is established, which begins its government from 10 December 2023 until 2026. The provincial house is established in Santa Anita, Lima, Peru.”

With these words, Brother Larry Luján CSsR inaugurated the new province of Bolivia Peru.

In the homily, Father Marcelo Araujo, CSsR, first of all, congratulated Father Boris Calzadilla Arteaga, C.Ss.R., who was elected the first Provincial of the new Bolivia-Peru Province, and with the members of the new provincial government.

Father Marcelo Araujo, CSsR (Coordinator of the Redemptorist Conference of Latin America and the Caribbean)
Father Marcelo then said that this great event for the Congregation takes place in Advent and for this reason, it becomes an event of hope and at the same time it becomes a challenge for all of us. Hope because it invites us to hope to be better with God’s help and it is a challenge because everyone has a story behind them, in the past and now we must commit to creating a story together.

It is also a Thanksgiving event, for all the Redemptorists who came first to sow the seed of the congregation. But it is also Reconciliation, as the ability to recognize that we are capable of living a communion, with our charism. We believe in brotherhood that we can live in unity.

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