Novena Youth Rally 2023: “We Leaf to Beleaf” (We Live to Believe) – A Celebration of Hope and Gratitude in Singapore


In a heartwarming and transformative event, the Novena Youth Rally 2023 unfolded at Novena Church on the evening of Friday 24th November 2023, focusing on the theme “We Live to Believe” at the Church of St. Alphonsus, Singapore. Cantered around the profound learning point of the importance of hope, the event provided a platform for worship, community engagement, and a powerful preaching by Fr. Terence Wee, emphasizing the significance of belief and faith in fostering hope.

The day commenced with a spirited worship session, setting the tone for a day of reflection and celebration. The members from the Redemptorist Youth Ministry and the Redemptorist Fathers and Brothers led the participants in a community dance, symbolizing unity, and shared faith. This vibrant expression of togetherness underscored the theme, “We Live to Believe,” reinforcing the idea that collective belief serves as a source of hope.

Fr. Terence Wee, in his impactful preaching, delved into the essence of hope and the role of belief in shaping our perception of the world. He highlighted the profound connection between belief in oneself, belief in others, and, most importantly, belief in God. Fr. Terence eloquently expressed that when people believe in us, it instils hope, providing a sense of direction and purpose. Conversely, in situations devoid of faith, a sense of bleakness and hopelessness may prevail. The bottom line, as emphasized by Fr. Terence, was that belief in God serves as an anchor, offering hope and guidance in the journey of life.

The event included a recap of the year, acknowledging both the obstacles and blessings encountered. Participants were encouraged to express gratitude for the challenges faced, recognizing them as opportunities for growth. With a focus on moving into the next year with hope, the rally served as a beacon of positivity, inspiring attendees to face the future with optimism.

A key highlight of the event was the adoration session, creating a sacred space for reflection and surrender. Participants engaged in a meaningful activity, offering something up to God as a symbolic gesture of trust and reliance. This reflective practice underscored the theme, reinforcing the idea that in surrendering to a higher power, hope is nurtured.

The preaching by Fr. Terence Wee and the associated activities left a lasting impression on the attendees. The key takeaway, encapsulated in the chosen Bible verse from Ecclesiastes chapter 3, verses 1-8, served as a reminder of the cyclical nature of life and the importance of faith as a guiding force in navigating its various seasons.

The Novena Youth Rally 2023 not only celebrated the growth and achievements of the past year but also instilled a profound sense of hope in the hearts of the participants. As they left the event, the echoes of “We Live to Believe” lingered, inspiring a renewed commitment to faith, hope, and a future anchored in the divine.

Jacelyn Kiersten Pang
Youth Coordinator & NST Lead