One Body Reflection on C.SS.R Spirituality – Reflections for the 4 Weeks of Advent


Dear Confreres, formandi, Redemptoristine Sisters, Sisters who share our mission and our Lay Partners for Mission,

Greetings from Rome from the Spirituality Commission. As we prepare to begin the season of Advent, we send you a series of 4 reflections for the 4 weeks of Advent for personal and community reflection and sharing as we journey through our year on the theme of our Redemptorist Community Life. These reflections/meditations have been prepared by Fr Krzysztof Bielinski, C.SS.R, Professor of Sacred Scripture in the Alphonsian Academy.

The theme is, “Biblical Testimonies for Advent” reflecting on the lives of amazing Biblical personalities and their faith journey. May these reflections inspire us personally and in community to live this Advent growing deeper into our relationship with the Lord Jesus, Our Redeemer who is the very core of our Redemptorist Community life. May we grow to be truly Missionaries of Hope in the footsteps of the Redeemer in this season of Hope, Advent!

Thank You,

Joseph Ivel Mendanha, C.SS.R.
General Consultor

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