Poland: Three Redemptorists recognized for their merits in protecting children’s rights

From Left to right: Fr. Marek Raczkiewicz CSsR, Fr. José-Miguel de Haro CSsR and Fr. Andrzej Kukła CSsR

On December 11 in Warsaw, Mikołaj Pawlak, the Authority for Children’s Rights in Poland, presented badges of honor for merits in protecting children’s rights. Among those awarded, there were also three Redemptorists: Fr. Andrzej Kukla, Fr. José-Miguel de Haro and Fr. Marek Raczkiewicz.

The award from the Ombudsman for Children’s Rights was awarded to Father Andrzej Kukła, who has been organizing aid for children in Warsaw and Radom since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. In Warsaw, at the parish of St. Clement, a special social center was created, where children still meet today. Another winner was the Spanish Redemptorist José-Miguel de Haro CSsR. Father Marek Raczkiewicz, professor at the Comillas Pontifical University of Madrid, received a diploma from the Guarantor of Children’s Rights.

It is interesting to note the presence of a Spanish Redemptorist, who in 1997 founded an association in Spain, the organization Acoger y Compartir, or “Accept and Share”. Since its inception, this association has organized aid to countries in Africa, Asia and South America. Its members build wells, schools, but also teach cultivation and take care of the education of children and young people”, underlined Father Marek Raczkiewicz.

Among other things, Acoger y Compartir contributed to the construction of a school in Haiti for 1,200 students. Unfortunately, after a strong earthquake, this school collapsed. On this occasion, approximately 300 students died. The renewed aid for the reconstruction of the school is hindered by the current political situation, as the aid does not always reach its destination due to the activities of criminal groups (…). This does not dampen the enthusiasm of Acoger y Compartir, which continues to collect donations and send aid so that basic necessities reach people in need, the Redemptorist said.

Acoger y Compartir also joined in aid to Ukraine attacked by the Russian Federation. The first trucks of food and clothes reached the needy a few months after the outbreak of the war (…). The arrival of humanitarian aid was a wonderful experience, to which Fr. José-Miguel de Haro attended to see with his own eyes where this aid was headed and what was still needed,” told the host of Radio Maryja.

Over time, the war in Ukraine became such a common topic in Europe that people lost interest. However, this did not stop the Spanish Redemptorists from continuing to help Ukraine.

Two weeks ago, two more trucks loaded with aid arrived in Poland. At the moment others are being prepared in Spain, which will perhaps arrive in January and February”, said Father Marek Raczkiewicz.


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