Redemptorist families participate in pilgrimage and meetings in Aparecida


Pilgrimage and encounter provide moments of great joy, conviviality, formation, and spirituality.

The family is the cradle of every vocation and the place where the first values ​​are learned. To celebrate the special feeling of having a family, the Nossa Senhora Aparecida Province held the 41st edition of the Pilgrimage and Meeting of Redemptorist Family Members from the 2nd to the 4th of December.

Annually, the pilgrimage that visits the National Sanctuary of Aparecida and the meeting that brings together families of Redemptorist missionaries at the Santo Afonso Seminary provides a moment of great joy, conviviality, formation, and spirituality. The event was organized by Father José Luis Queimado, who animated the event, and Brother Marco Lucas, who organized the activities and welcomed families. 

In 2023, around 200 people participated in the meeting and pilgrimage. The traditional event holds special moments. Among them, was the Vocational Rosary that was held this Friday (01) which recalled the vocation of Father Vítor Coelho. On Saturday (02), the meeting featured training led by Father Pedro Cunha, who reflected on the values ​​and realities present in families.

The afternoon continued with a theatrical presentation and testimonies from families about their Redemptorist family members. At the end of the day, everyone gathered at 6 pm for Mass at the Central Altar of the National Shrine.

 Redemptorist Oblate Maria Helena Malta said that the presentation of the play called “Exodus” was part of the entire second semester of this formative year of seminarians, through the work of the teacher of Expression, Communication and Life.

“We have all made some kind of ‘exit’ in this life, and, inspired by the scenes in the history of the people who suffered slavery in Babylon and during the colonization of Brazil, as well as the milestones of everyday problems, drought, hunger, the dependencies that enslave, depression, etc., we try to portray the suffering of the people, with a view to promoting the importance of social life, empathy and the exercise of Christian values”, says the seminarian Euler da Imaculada.