Redemptorists organize Parish Youth Adoration for the Community in the Vice Province of Majella


(India) With the spirit of October’s Rosary Month resonating throughout the community, the Redemptorist Parish of San João da Cruz Church, Sanquelim in Goa, India, the Parish Youth organized an impactful Adoration experience for their fellow parishioners on the 24th of October. This remarkable event, aptly themed “Tachem Aikat” (meaning “Listen to Him” in Konkani), drew a large crowd eager to immerse themselves in prayer and reflection.

The Adoration opened with a vibrant performance by the talented parish youth, who captivated the hearts of the attendees through their soulful rendition of Gospel songs and engaging action songs. These musical pieces served not only to uplift the spirit but also to deepen the understanding of the Gospels’ message in a captivating manner.

Beyond the captivating music, the Adoration incorporated insightful reflections based on the Alphonsian Spirituality of Resolutions. These activities provided a valuable opportunity for introspection and encouraged individuals to consider their personal growth and commitment to God. As participants delved into introspection, they were guided towards formulating resolutions that would bring them closer to their faith and strengthen their relationship with the Divine.

Culminating in a heartfelt Holy Hour, the Adoration experience spanned two and a half hours, leaving an indelible mark on the attendees. The shared time in prayer fostered a sense of profound spiritual renewal within the community, leaving participants with a renewed sense of peace, joy, and inspiration as they embarked on their individual journeys of faith.

This remarkable initiative organized by the Sanquelim Parish Youth serves as a testament to their dedicated service and unwavering devotion to their faith. Their willingness to share their gifts and talents with the community serves as a shining example of their commitment to fostering a vibrant spiritual life within their parish.

Fr Velson Agnelo Fernandes CSsR, Parish Priest
Fr Joyan D Costa CSsR, Youth Animator

Joyan D Costa CSsR

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