Prof. Fr. Boukari Aristide Gnada, New Vice President of the Alphonsian Academy


The Moderator General, Rev. Fr. Rogério Gomes, has appointed Prof. Rev. Fr. Boukari Aristide Gnada as Vice President of the Alphonsian Academy for the four-year period 2023-2027.

Since 2008, a Redemptorist missionary of the Vice-Province of West Africa, Prof. Gnada has been a professor of Fundamental Moral Theology at the Alphonsian Academy, from which he obtained a licentiate (2004) and a doctorate (2006) in Moral Theology. Previously, in Burkina Faso, he was assistant parish priest (1997-2002), Formator in the Redemptorist theology (2006-2009), Professor in the  Maison Lavigerie major seminary of the Missionaries of Africa (2007-2009), and in the diocesan one of  Saint Jean- Baptiste  (2007-2008). From his doctoral thesis on the gift as a principle in social ethics and moral theology, he is interested, in researching its implications for moral theology, in the topic of the gift in sciences such as phenomenology, positive psychology, sociology, anthropology and philosophical ethics.


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