A virtual meeting: Ongoing formation or ongoing frustration


On Friday 2 February 202, at 14:00 (Rome time) on the occasion of the World Day for Consecrated Life and the publication of the first Communicanda of the General Government (sexennium 2022-2028), a webinar will be held with Father Amadeo Cencini, Canossian priest, expert in psychology and formation of Religious Life, author of several publications on initial and ongoing formation and psychotherapeutic aspects of consecrated life.

The theme of the meeting is “Ongoing formation or ongoing frustration”. This reflection is closely related to our ongoing formation and its challenges in the present circumstances of our society.

Program of the Day of Consecrated Life 2024: Greeting from Father General, who will be accompanied by the General Council, Welcome and presentation of Father Amadeo Cencini by Father General, then the Conference by Father Amadeo Cencini. Then a moment of prayer and finally the Presentation of Communicanda 1 “You are the light of the world!” (Mt 5.14): Our consecrated life at the service of the Mission of the Redeemer.

The presentation will be made in the official languages ​​of the Congregation.

The meeting will also be online on our YouTube channel.