Gerry O’Connor’s Daily Lenten Reflections


Spiritual Guidance from Scala Retreat Centre, Cork, Ireland

During this season of Lent, Gerry O’Connor CSsR, a renowned Redemptorist priest, is delivering daily reflections aimed at providing spiritual nourishment and guidance for individuals on their Lenten journey. Hosted at the serene Scala Retreat Centre, these reflections offer a moment of solace and introspection for viewers seeking deeper connections with their faith during this sacred season.

The Lenten reflections serve as a beacon of hope and enlightenment. The Scala Youth Ministry team is renowned for its commitment to nurturing the spiritual growth of individuals through various programs such as school retreats, the Meitheal Leadership program, and outreach initiatives centered on exploring life and faith issues.

Gerry O’Connor’s Lenten reflections encapsulate profound wisdom and insights drawn from his extensive experience as a priest and advocate for social justice. Through his words, viewers are invited to embark on a journey of self-discovery, contemplation, and renewal, fostering a deeper connection with their spirituality.

These daily reflections are easily accessible to viewers worldwide through Gerry O’Connor’s YouTube channel and the Redemptorist Conference for Africa and Madagascar’s social media platforms. Additionally, the videos will be featured daily on Common Home TV, ensuring worldwide dissemination and accessibility for individuals seeking spiritual enrichment during Lent.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Fr Gerry O’Connor and the Scala Retreat Centre to present these transformative Lenten reflections on our site. In today’s fast-paced world, it is essential to carve out moments of reflection and prayer, especially during Lent. Through Gerry’s guidance, we hope to accompany viewers on a profound journey of spiritual growth and renewal.” Said Matthew Howard of Common Home Tv.


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