Indonesia: Three Missionaries were sent to Germany


There is a time to receive and a time to give. This can be said about the day’s events on Wednesday, February 7, 2023, in the Chapel of Saint Alphonsus, Weetebula – Sumba.

During the Eucharistic celebration and the closing of the monthly recollection, which was attended by confreres from all over Sumba, three confreres, namely Fr. Simon Sirene Belutowe (Amor), Fr. Hery Lewar and Fr. Rian Dimu were officially sent to Germany. In particular, Fr. Rian will begin his studies at the University of Bonn.

In his message to the sent missionaries, Fr. Provincial said: “67 years ago, our missionaries departed from the land of Germany to Sumba to preach the gospel. They departed with a blazing spirit. Now, we are sent back there for the same purpose. That’s the art of the Catholic Church. It is about the spirit of the apostolate. We work together to proclaim the abundant redemption.”

One of those who will be going to Europe is Fr. Rian Dimu. He is the associate pastor at St. Klemens Hofbauer Parish, Katiku Loku. He then gave his impressions and hopes about his new mission.

“A few days after I had started ministry in the parish, I was contacted by the provincial. At first, I was asked to study chemistry. I was pretty sure I could handle this new assignment; I just asked for some more time to enjoy my role as associate pastor.”

“But to my surprise, the story took a different turn. I was asked to continue my studies in Germany. The first thing that weighed on me was the language. I realized that my command of German was insufficient,” said Fr. Rian.

“When I expressed my concerns, Father Provincial and his council encouraged me to accept the proposal and to undertake this mission. I believe that this is an opportunity entrusted to me by the Congregation. Many other confreres of my province have already ministered abroad. Last but not least is my commitment to the vow of obedience. I strive to convince myself that I can do it, and that conviction is always supported by my confreres,” he added.

” My conviction and hope is that I am quite confident in my God-given abilities. And I want to fight as much as I can and believe that God who calls, He will also enable me,” concluded Rian.

Congratulations. Go, you are sent! Preach and witness the abundance of redemption in your new place of assignment.

Fr. Willy Ng Pala, C.Ss.R.

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