Presence and service of the Alphonsian Academy towards the entire Redemptorist family


The members of the Alphonsian Academy Board of Trustee held their annual meeting at the premises from February 19 to 22, 2024. With this, the decisions of the 25th General Chapter of the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer were followed up, specifically the numbers 15 and 16. The participants were: Fr. Rogério Gomes, Fr. Jairo Díaz, Fr. Antonio Donato, Fr. Vicente Soria, Javier Poveda, Fr. Paulo Carrara, Fr. Victorino Cueto and Fr. Agustín Cantu. Also attending some specific members were: Mons. Alfonso Amarante, Giorgio Del Signore, Fr. Sanjay Joseph and prof. Leonardo Salutati.

The meeting helped participants to learn more about the work of the Alphonsian Academy, its contribution to continuing the moral tradition of Saint Alphonsus and the Redemptorists, its financial reality and the future prospects for this Pontifical Institute. At the same time, the experience of other Redemptorist educational entities such as FUSA (Colombia), ISPES/ITESP (Brazil) and SATMI (Philippines) was presented. The activities of these days allowed the Alphonsian Academy to be validated as one of the common apostolates that concern all the Redemptorists, as well as one of the priorities of the Congregation, so alternatives were proposed for its sustainability by the Congregation. Likewise, proposals for the presence and service of the Academy towards the entire Redemptorist family were expressed. In the end, meetings were planned to continue what was presented in this Board of Trustee.

God continue to bless all Redemptorists, through the service they provide to the universal Church through the Academy: the teaching and research of moral theology from an Alphonsian perspective.

Agustín Cantú Drauaillet, C.Ss.R.

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