The online meeting of the General Government with the confreres in the first ten years of continuing formation


“Vocation is a gift from God that must be cultivated.” – Fr. Rogerio Gomes, CSsR.

Over 320 confreres from various provinces and countries around the world participated in the online meeting with the General Government on Monday 26 February. It is the first time that a joint meeting has been organized with all the members of the Congregation who are in the period from 1 to 10 years of profession and ordination.

“It is a joy to meet you on this day. I would like to do it in person, but it is impossible” said Fr. Rogerio Gomes, the Superior General, to the young confreres connected online, across different time zones around the world, “This meeting is a very simple initiative, but its purpose is to give you some words of encouragement in your mission” – continued Fr. General.

In his message Fr. Rogério touched on several problems that confreres often face in the first years after perpetual profession and priestly ordination.

“We are in an era of changes, of time, space, culture and language, today the Church is less appreciated than in the past and we are increasingly a small flock. This is very visible in our missionary reality. Even if, as Redemptorist Missionaries, we must not see this moment in our history through the prism of fear and negativity, but as a gift” –Fr. Rogerio stated. Then he pointed out some realities connected with the ministry and community life, such as demanding missionary work, difficulties in dialogue with superiors and activism that can contribute to the crisis of the vocation.

“Vocation is a gift that God gives us, but it must be cultivated. It’s like a jewel that we always have to clean to make it shine more and more” – said Fr. General. He underlined that our mission as Redemptorists takes place in the community, being the presence of the Redeemer, the light of the world, among the poorest and most abandoned, testifying to this with our simple, joyful, welcoming and merciful lifestyle.

During the meeting, the video was presented, in which all the members of the General Council sent a short message to the young Redemptorists, while they spoke about the important aspects of our community and apostolic life.

Brother Larry Lujan CSsR, who was the moderator of the meeting, also led a Q&A session, in which some participants shared their comments and posed questions to Father General. Thus the “virtual meeting” was transformed into a truly fraternal and meaningful dialogue and meeting.

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