Exploring the Meaning of Life through the Youth Walk of Penance in Indonesia


On Tuesday, March 26, 2024, together with the young people, we organized the OMK’s Penance Walk. There were 42 people involved with great enthusiasm. The purpose of this activity is to foster cohesiveness and care for young people towards themselves, others, and nature. This is part of the youth mentoring activities during the Mission in Lambanapu.

The sky looked very bright around Lambanapu and Panda. Some of the Catholic Youth (OMK) of Stasi Santa Elisabeth Lambanapu began to arrive at Maria Panda Chapel, which is located on top of a hill. From there, we can see the beautiful surrounding hills and the expanse of Waingapu City to the sea.

The Repentance hiking activity was organized in an interactive form. There were 42 participants divided into 6 groups. The scripture was the main manual that guided them in their activities. The Tabor experience was the initial reflection point.

From the top of the “Tabor”, the participants had to descend and walk towards the “reality” of life. Throughout the pilgrimage they encountered the diverse dynamics of life, families in villages and housing areas and nature.

The encounter with the reality of life requires young people to continue to take a stand in facing it with an attitude of firm faith. 

The area and atmosphere that is passed through represent the dynamics of life, which go up and down, bittersweet, good and bad, beautiful and ugly. 

There were three stops during the pilgrimage. At each stop, there is always a group dynamic that begins with reading the scriptural text, discussion, and games. All of this is aimed at building and developing awareness of the values of faith and Christian life.

Finally, the pilgrimage ended with a Sacrament of Reconciliation service.

Fr. Willy Ng Pala CSsR

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