Oblate Sisters: Screening of the film “If All Doors Close” in Venezuela


With great enthusiasm and a warm welcome, the film If All Doors Close, promoted by the Oblate Sisters, was screened in Barquisimeto, Lara State, Venezuela, thanks to the collaboration of the French Alliance.

As part of International Women’s Day, on March 8, about a hundred people watched the feature film which tells the story of three women – including Antonia María de Oviedo, founder of our Congregation – searching for their own path. The screening took place in the theater room of the David Tower, in the municipality of Barquisimeto.

“It was exciting to see tears of emotion on the faces of many participants in the film… the comments were of praise and blessing,” says Gustavo González, volunteer, and friend of the Sisters of Barquisimeto.

The film was a “pleasant surprise” to audiences and “everyone commented on how well it was made,” says González. “They commented that a three-part film is not easy to make, and this is an excellent example of that.”

The Oblate Sisters based in this city presented the activity and Luis Girón, director of the French Alliance, offered some words of welcome before the screening. Prominent local personalities participated in the event: Dr. Maribel Baldo, former notary of Barquisimeto, Isabel Caroto, director of the CIECA Media School and president of the Barquisimeto National Film Festival, Omaira Pérez, head of the processing division of the Service National Integrated Administration of Customs and Taxes (SENIAT) of Barquisimeto, and Dr. Zuleima Gómez, fourth notary of the municipality of Iribarren, of Barquisimeto. Members of the PROJUMI organization also participated, helping with logistics and guests.


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