Redeemer Missionary Youth activities in Hue, Vietnam


On Thursday, January 25, 2024, the Young People of the Missionaries of Christ in Hue, Vietnam organized a regular Taize prayer meeting. Present during the prayer time was Father Anton Le Ngoc Thanh, head of the film crew for the 100th anniversary of the Redemptorist’s presence in Vietnam. The theme of the prayer time is: “Thank God and pray for world peace.” After the prayer, Father Anthony had time to meet and share with young people to gain more information and materials for the upcoming 100th anniversary.

After Tet, the Redemptorist Missionary Youth of Hue began the Lenten season together with the Church to live the spirit of prayer, fasting and sharing.

Every Sunday afternoon, Youth together do apostolate by purchasing waste and bottles to create a fund to share with the poor. May God bless us in our missionary mission.

RYVM Team.

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