The Meeting of the Councils of the 3 Units of India in Bangalore, India


The Joint Councils’ Meeting of the 3 Units of India, (Bangalore, Liguori and Majella) was held at Nava Spoorthi Kendra (NSK), the Redemptorist Retreat and Pastoral Centre in Bangalore from the 5th to the 7th of March. This annual meeting was hosted this year by the Bangalore Province. This meeting was held in view of the process of Restructuring and Reconfiguration in the Congregation. Since 2018 the (V) Provincial Councils of the three Units of India have been meeting to share, report, discuss, plan, and execute Common programs and projects for Joint Mission and Joint Formation in the country. Each year one of the three Units hosts the meeting.

This year, Fr Rogério Gomes, C.SS.R, Superior General, two members of the General Council from Asia, Frs. Ivel Mendanha and Paul Vinh, and the Conference Coordinator for Asia Oceania, Fr Yoakim Ndelo, C.SS.R. (Kimi), were present and participated in the meeting.

The meeting opened with a half-day recollection preached by Fr Rogério, where he reflected on the challenge of Leadership for mission in the Congregation today and invited the confreres to be open to the action of the Spirit in our lives as leaders for mission in the context of common mission and formation in the country. He also presided at the opening Eucharist and invited each of the confreres to share a word that struck them regarding leadership for the mission.

The Meeting began with Fr Ivel giving a presentation on the Strategic Plan of the Conference of Asia Oceania and explained the role of each of the Unit’s Councils in the implementation of this Strategic Plan. He also gave an update on the Conference Council and the newly appointed members of Secretariats and Commissions in the Conference. He then gave another presentation on the Process of Reconfiguration in the Congregation and in the Conference of Asia Oceania as well as the process of Reconfiguration among the 3 Units in India.

These presentations set the tone for further discussion and planning as the group addressed different aspects of Joint Collaboration among the 3 Units.

Fr Paul Vinh gave a presentation on the process and plan for the Evaluation of the Formation Centres in the Congregation and in the Conference of Asia Oceania.

Fr Kimi, the Conference Coordinator, addressed the group regarding his vision and hopes for the Confederation of India.

Some important decisions were taken up for discussion and voted on unanimously at this meeting. The name of the Confederation, namely “Confederation of India”; The draft on the Statutes of the Confederation of India as well as the Draft of the Decree on Territories were voted on and passed unanimously and after final editing would be sent to the General Government for approval by July 2024; the Ratio Formationis of the Confederation of India was voted on and passed and after final editing would be sent to the General Government for approval by July 2024; the appointment of members to the Joint Secretariats of Finance, Formation, and Evangelisation and to the Joint Commissions for Partnership for Mission, RYVM, Media, and Common Voice. These Joint Secretariats and Commissions would convene after Easter to plan for the quadrennium with common projects in all the areas of Mission and Formation.

The Joint Project from CHAI (Catholic Hospitals Association of India) was discussed and unanimously voted on. This project involves providing Palliative Care in the Redemptorist parishes for patients from families in need. A training program for Parish Priests offering them different possibilities would be organised for members of each of the Units by CHAI.

Fr. Ivel also presented a video from the Redemptoristines in Dublin about the three young Redemptoristine sisters from India and their request to promote vocations to the Order in India and consider a possible foundation of the Order in India in the future.

Fr General, Frs. Ivel, Paul, and Kimi met with the Councils of each of the Units during the meeting to share informal matters relating to each Unit.

The Meeting unanimously chose 20th July 2025 as the date for the formal inauguration of the Confederation of India.

The Meeting Concluded with a message from Fr. Rogério Gomes, Superior General, where he expressed his gratitude for the work done and his hopes for the Confederation of India with the encouragement to go forward with courage and hope. Frs. Ivel, Paul, and Kimi also offered words of encouragement and appreciation for the way the meeting was conducted, the comradery and fraternal spirit shared and the many important decisions taken for the mission of the Congregation in India.

Joseph Ivel Mendanha, C.SS.R.
General Consultor