New Provincial Team for the European Province of the Oblate Sisters


The Oblate Sisters of the Most Holy Redeemer present the new Team of the Europe Province, elected on April 23, 2024, in the IV Provincial Chapter that was held in the House of Ciempozuelos this week, under the motto “Until everything Ferments.”

The Provincial Team is composed as follows:

–  Provincial Superior: María del Carmen Ortega Cristóbal
First Counselor and Vicar : Ángela Corduente Jiménez
–  Second Counselor and Secretary: Nieves de León Reyes
–  Third Counselor : Asunción Bartolomé Díez
–  Fourth Counselor and Bursar : María Felicidad Martínez Morán

Presided over by Sister Lourdes Perramon, Superior General of the Congregation, the Chapter brings together twenty-seven capitular sisters. The Europa Province has chosen as its motto “Until everything Ferments,” the same one that was used during the Assembly process, prior to the chapter that began last January.

In-Person Assembly

The IV Assembly of the European Province of the Oblate Sisters of the Most Holy Redeemer took place in person, in which seventy people from the Oblate Family participated.

The objective has been to reflect on the life and mission of the province in this triennium 2021-2024, with an integrative and global view, generating a process of discernment of the moment of the province and the current reality, to point out the operational lines that guide the dynamics of the next three years.

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