Madagascar: Renovation of the Redemptorist Common Novitiate House in Andranokobako


The renovation of the Redemptorist Common Novitiate House in Andranokobako represents a profound commitment to the enduring mission of the Redemptorist Congregation. This endeavour is not merely about refurbishing a building; it is a testament to our dedication to nurturing the Redemptorists’ next generation of missionaries who will carry forth the Gospel message to the ends of the earth, especially to the most abandoned.

Established in the spirit of restructuring, unity, and growth of the Congregation, Andranokobako in Madagascar serves as a beacon of hope and spiritual, human learning for Redemptorists novices from diverse backgrounds. However, the current state of the novitiate house presents significant challenges that hinder its ability to fulfil its sacred purpose. Originally designed to accommodate novices from the Madagascar unit alone, the facility now struggles to house the growing number of novices from various units across Africa, leading to overcrowding and inadequate living conditions.

The urgency of renovating the novitiate house is underscored by several pressing concerns identified during a recent monitoring visit conducted by the Redemptorist Solidarity Office. Structural deterioration, insufficient rooms for novices, damaged doors and windows, and outdated installations all contribute to a compromised living and learning environment. Immediate action is needed to address these issues and ensure the safety, functionality, and overall well-being of those residing and working within the common novitiate building.

To support this vital renovation project, the Redemptorist Solidarity Office seeks funding from organizations such as Redemptorist Units and lay Redemptorist organizations, recognizing the limited financial resources available to the Redemptorist units in Africa and Madagascar. The total budget for the renovation is estimated at €29,725.00, with half of the funds already secured through the efforts of the Redemptorist Solidarity Office. However, an additional financial support is needed to fully realize the renovation project and create a secure and comfortable living and learning environment for novices and all occupants.

The renovation of the Redemptorist Common Novitiate House in Madagascar is not just a practical necessity; it is a sacred duty born out of our commitment to the holistic development of future Redemptorist missionaries. By investing in this project, we reaffirm our dedication to the integral promotion of humanity and the perpetuation of the evangelical mission for the church. Together, let us answer the call to action and ensure that the novitiate house stands as a testament to our unwavering faith and commitment to serving those in need.

Br. Léon Masiala Phuati, C.Ss.R
Redemptorist Solidarity Office