AYG Cross arrives at Novena House


On 23 May 2024, the AYG Cross was handed over to the Waingapu Community. The following day, it was paraded by the Waingapu Redemptorist Community and joyfully received by the Parishioners of St Andreas Ngallu. 

Since then, the Young Pilgrims have paraded the cross from one parish to another. The echo of the celebration of the Asia Oceania Conference Redemptorist Youth Day was enjoyed not only by the young Redemptorists but also by young people from non-Redemptorist parishes and the whole community.

Non-redemptorist parishes also requested that the AYG cross could make a pilgrimage to their parishes and young people. Therefore, the parishes in the diocese of Weetebula on Sumba Island welcomed this cross with great joy.

“This cross is our cross and not just the cross of the Redemptorists. 

We really want this cross to stop by our parish. This cross is a blessing for us”, said one of the youth companions.

Some so many people rejoice and express their faith in this kind of pilgrimage celebration”, said Fr. Ferdinand SVD. 

The welcoming of the cross in all the places visited was always festive and grand. The AYG cross was welcomed in the traditional way of Sumba. Together with the people, the youth celebrated the Eucharist and prayed together while the cross was in their parish.

After 14 days of pilgrimage, the AYG cross arrived at Novena monastery, the resident mother house of the Indonesian Redemptorists, on 7 June 2024. The Young Pilgrims and parishioners of Homba Karipit paraded the cross back. They were received by Father Provincial and members of the Novena House Community.

May the spiritual experience gained during the pilgrimage of the cross strengthen the hope of our youth and people in building a life rooted in Christ and all the events of His life, death and resurrection.

Greetings AYG: One Encounter, One Family, One Mission

Willy Ng Pala CSsR