COREAM: 5th Network for Africa and Madagascar


The 5TH NETWORK meeting FOR AFRICA AND MADAGASCAR AGENDA, scheduled from June 3rd to 5th, 2024, was conducted in Kola Mbanza-Ngungu (Vice-province of Matadi) in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). On 3rd June at 7:00 AM, West Africa Standard Time Rd. Fr. Rogerio Gomes, C.Ss.R- Superior General, led the members with the Eucharistic celebration (mass to the Holy Spirit).

In attendance for the COREAM (stands for Conference of the Redemptorists of Africa and Madagascar) NETWORK meeting included Fr Rogerio GOMES- Superior General, Fr Nicolas AYOUBA- General Consultor, Fr Noel SOTTIMA- COREAM coordinator, Fr Kenneth MACHARAG-COREAM- COREAM Councilor, Fr Godwin ABBAH-COREAM Councilor, Six major superiors from the mother provinces (Fr Désiré ZANTE-Europe South, Fr Richard REID-London, Fr Brendan O’ROURKE- Dublin, Fr Jan HAFMANS-Saint Clement, Fr Kevin ZUBEL-Denver and Fr Edward J. KANDALAKUNTA-Bangalore).

Different units within Africa and Madagascar were also represented -Five vice provinces were represented; (Matadi-2, South Africa-1, Angola-1, Nigeria-2 and Afrique de l’Ouest-2), the region of Zimbabwe-2, and three missions( Kenya-1, the two missions of Mozambique-1), Mrs Judith representative of the lay partners, one translator/ two notaries French and English.

During these three days the members present analyzed the reality of the COREAM Units focusing more on economic sustainability, continuity of the mission and finding new way of relationships with the mother provinces during and after the reconfiguration.

In his opening remarks, Fr. Rogerio Gomez, the General Superior, indicated that, above all, the very reason for this network meeting is to ensure that the structures of the Congregation respond to the urgent needs of the mission. He also thanked the Mother provinces for their continued support and for what they will continue to do for the units in Africa and Madagascar in the future. He urged all the members present and encouraged them to put aside their fears, forge ahead courageously with hope and charity, and believe that the Congregation is the work of the Holy Spirit, a family of Missionaries of Hope in the Footsteps of the Redeemer.

By Fr Francis Sila C.Ss.R
Mission of Kenya.