General Commission for the Brothers

(2018, from left to right) Br. Jeffrey Rolle, Br. Leon Masiala Phuati, Lawrence John Luján Ángel, Pedro Magalhães Gomes, Fr. Rogério Gomes, Br. Carlito Gaspar, Br. Marcos Vinicius Ramos de Carvalho, Br. Gerardo Giordano.

The General Government appointed this commission according to decision 23 of the XXV General Chapter – Final Documents in its 2nd phase, in November 2016.

The members of this Commission are: Brother Jeffrey Rolle (General Consultor); Brother Leon Masiala Phuati (Vice Province of Matadi); Brother Carlito Gaspar (Province of Cebu); Brother Pedro Magalhães Gomes (Province of Rio de Janeiro); Brother Lawrence John Luján Ángel (Denver Province); Brother Gerardo Giordano (Province of Naples); Brother Marcos Vinicius Ramos de Carvalho (Province of Goias); Father Rogério Gomes (General Consultor).