General Secretariat for Evangelization

This Secretariat has been created by the General Government in response to concerns that appeared in the canonical phase of the XXV General Chapter. Its objective is to facilitate communication between the Conferences in the field of pastoral care, to generate ideas and pastoral projects that can be carried out jointly. The secretariat is composed by FF. Pedro López, Sebastian Ani Dato, Nicolás Ayouba, Cristian Bueno,  Pawel Dobrot, and the lay missionary of the Most Holy Redeemer Ms Anne Walsh. The secretariat is formed by five commissions

1. New Missionary Initiatives. Coordinated by Fr. Cristian Bueno

This commission will encourage the development of a Redemptorist Church project (Decision 9 of the XXV Gen. Chapter). Likewise, it accompanies the Congregation in the implementation of the decisions of the XXV Cap. Gen that refers to the mission; likewise, it reveals and promotes new missionary initiatives and fosters and propagate the cult to Our Mother of Perpetual Help.

2. Redemptorist Vocational Youth Ministry. Coordinated by Fr. Pawel Dobrot.

Some of the tasks entrusted to this commission are:

  •    The updating of the Directory of Youth and Vocation Ministry.
  •    The accompaniment of special meetings such as the Alphonsian Day within the World     Youth Day and other meetings.
  •    This commission also accompanies the different actions of the Redemptorist volunteerism and the youth ministry within the conferences.
  •    Establishes links of communication between the guidelines of the universal church on youth, and the Redemptorist Youth Ministry.

3. Shared Mission with the Laity. Coordinated by Anne Walsh.

The impact of the Redemptorist charism reaches several congregations, associations and lay people in general. In this way, to strengthen the configuration of the shared mission with the laity given in recent years, the General Government has created the Commission for Shared Mission. This commission is already working on the preparation of a directory that defines the profile of the Redemptorist layperson in its various expressions, outlining the duties, rights, responsibilities and levels of incorporation. In the same way, this office is working on the elaboration of a Ratio for the formation of religious and laypeople in the theme of shared mission.

4. Justice Peace and integration of Creation (JPIC). Coordinated by Fr. Cristian Bueno

This commission promotes and executes the actions entrusted by the General government, as well as the activities that it considers pertinent in the field of social ministry. It integrates the fields of human mobility, justice and peace, NGOs, volunteering in mission fields, integration of creation, penitentiary pastoral, interreligious dialogue and human trafficking, among others.

5. Commission for Africa and Madagascar.

This commission will seek ways to raise awareness and involve confreres of all units and conferences in strengthening the Redemptorist presence in Africa and Madagascar, especially in the fields of formation, social projects and new missionary initiatives. To do this, it motivates the contribution to the fund for Africa and Madagascar in all conferences and units. It will also help to establish new links and relationships between the units of Africa and Madagascar and the mother provinces and will accompany and facilitate the reconfiguration path of the COREAM units.