‘Expanding the bridge’ between the Redemptorists and the faithful


More than 70,000 Vietnamese Catholics from throughout the USA and beyond gather for Marian Days every August at the Congregation of the Mother Co-Redemptrix in Carthage, MO. Vietnamese Catholics have participated in the celebration to honor the Mother of Jesus and recognize the protection she offered to refugees who fled to this country to escape the turmoil of the Vietnam War since 1975.

As Vietnamese Catholics celebrated 40 years of tribulation and grace, the Extra Patrium Vice Province vocation team worked hand in hand with our own vocation team to promote Redemptorist vocations and ministries, as well as the Perpetual Help Jubilee. “We shared so much joy and had a great time reaching out to many pilgrims who had come to learn more about Mary,” said Fr. Tat Hoang. “We were privileged to be able to preach the good news to the poor and the faithful through our genuine smiles, songs and friendship. We firmly believe that our efforts will reap a bountiful harvest of vocations for the Redemptorists and for the Church.”

Fr. Tat thanked Fr. Steven Tran, a new vocation director for the Extra Patrium Vice Province, and Fr. Luong Uong, a new vocation director of the Denver Province, as well as the many Redemptorists who attended Marian Days 2015 to help promote the Redemptorist mission and vocations. “I am preparing to move on to my next ministry, working with Fr. John Phelps and Life Directions in Chicago. I have always loved to promote vocations, and now is the time to express my appreciation,” Fr. Tat said. “First, I thank God for calling, guiding and blessing me as a Redemptorist missionary. Without God’s grace, I could do nothing. Second, I thank the Redemptorists for entrusting vocation ministry to me for seven years. I’ve learned so much about the Congregation and grown so much in working with others, becoming a better Redemptorist missionary for the poor and most abandoned. Third, I thank my many friends and others, young and elderly, for their constant support. I hope that my humble service helped ‘expand the bridge’ between the Redemptorists and the faithful in order to share the love of God with more people during my vocation ministry. Lastly, I thank Br. Larry Luján and Fr. Richard Bennett of the Baltimore Province for their support and prayers. May God, through the intercession of Our Mother of Perpetual Help, bless the Redemptorists with many more vocations.”