Heart Moving Seminar for Confreres of the Liguori Province


In celebration of the Year of Consecrated Life, we had a seminar that recognized and rejuvenated  the apostolic work, witness and inspiration of the confreres. Drawing on Pope Francis’ invitation to “wake up the world,” the participants experienced three days of discernment and discussions with Fr. Jojo VC.

He presented his matter from  the fundamentals of consecrated life that is the evangelical counsels. In two days time he gave three hours each.  His presentations were very inspiring with his life experiences and challenging interrogations and rich with the Word of God and the rich theological heritage of the Church which begins with antiquity and continues its development even in the contemporary time.  The presentations were very disturbing in the sense they gave invocations for conversion of life and the change of attitude. Each vow from scriptural and theological perspective and from spiritual and practical perspective were dealt with. So he contributed in the limited given time in wholistic way to the renewal of our religious life.