Meeting Missionary Cesplam, July 2015


XIII Meeting Missionary Cesplam – Monastery of Our Lady of Espino, 6-10 July 2015

Again, convened by the Missionary Group Cesplam, we gathered for four days the priests, lay people and missionaries, coming from different parts of Spain (Seville, Granada, Jaen, Leon, Murcia, Madrid, Salamanca, La Coruña, etc. ). Priests and lay people who have carried out the Mission Parish or who are planning to celebrate it early.

We meet every year those who are concerned about the evangelizing work of the Church. We seek together how to activate the missionary dimension in our respective parishes and communities. In particular we move under the guidance of three objectives:

– Plan and accompany both the Pre-mission and the post-mission of those parishes which are already in missionary process.
– Working through presentations and workshops, the topics that may be useful for the pastoral care of our communities and parishes.
– Living the experience of brotherhood in a climate of ecclesial prayer and celebration at the foot of the Virgin del Espino. Even through the various moments to share.

We want to further deepen the methods and resources available to us to evangelize. At this meeting, in the first place, we receive the invitation of Pope Francis to live the Year of Mercy, for this Fr. Alberto de Mingo (CSSR) help us. F. Laurentino Pineda (CSSR), introduced us to the world of icons and, specifically, the icon of Our Mother of Perpetual Help, on the occasion of the jubilee year of the delivery of the icon to the Redemptorists, 150 years ago. Luis Mesa, a former Redemptorist student, held a seminar on the techniques of cooperative work applicable to pastoral groups.

All of us have returned to our places of origin encouraged and motivated to feed the missionary process in our parishes.

Missionaries Cesplam appreciate the confidence that many priests and lay people have in us. We want to continue to work together to strengthen and encourage the pastoral and missionary life of our parishes and the Spanish Church in general.


Equipo misionero CESPLAM

XIII Meeting Missionary Cesplam – Monastery of Our Lady of Espino, 6-10 July 2015

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