The Latin American Redemptorist Family Conference at Aparecida


At Aparecida, Brazil, from the 6th to the 9th of July, The Redemptorists and several of the women’s congregations who share the Redemptorist Charism came together for a joint formation meeting and discussion.  This led to a rich sharing of experiences and reflections.


The meeting was held at the St. Alphonsus Guest House.  There were about 60 participants of the Redemptorist family.  The Superior General of the Redemptorists, Fr. Michael Brehl C.Ss.R., was also present for the meeting.  Fr. Michael, mentioned that this was a time of reflection on the mission of the Redemptorists today.


“We are all called to evangelize the poor and the most abandoned with the Good News of the Gospel. Therefore it is very important that the members of the Redemptorist family in Latin America have taken the initiative to come together, to reflect on the importance of preaching the Gospel and the relevance of the social appostolate, which are integrated and complimentary”, said Fr Michael.


He also said that the work of the Redemptorists is indeed a work of Mercy, and emphasised that the need for the proclamation of God’s Word through works.

“Our work is proclaiming God’s Word , through the Holy Missions, and in the shrines such as Aparecida, Bom Jesus da Lapa.  But the Word has to be proclaimed through social works. As Pope Francis said – ‘It is not enough to proclaim the Word, it’s also important to announce Jesus Christ, by action as well.’  In Brazil the sisters have an  important social ministry especially with women, and in the prevention of trafficking human beings and poor children”, he added.