Journeying with Jonah


Fr. Denis McBride, C.Ss.R., has written a new book on the reluctant prophet Jonah, the only one who argued against the mercy of God for all. This book offers a good reading experience in the Year of Mercy.

“In this new book Fr Denis has chosen to explore the character of Jonah – a somewhat unlikely hero. The prophet Jonah is a sympathetic partner, albeit a curious one, to help us review our lives. Although a believer in God, Jonah struggles to come to terms with the awful strangeness of God’s choices, particularly God’s mercy; he grapples to find his true self and purpose in life; he tries to flee from the presence of God; he is angry when he finds that God is not angry but all merciful. Jonah is offered to us as an unusual teacher – awkward, reluctant, disobedient, opinionated, fearful, flighty: the prophet who remains stubborn to the end. But his story celebrates the beauty of the indiscriminate mercy of God, a message for our time.”

According to Nicholas King, SJ, ‘This book is a delight, concealing great learning under a most accessible style, well supported with robust illustrations; the author is profoundly attentive to the text of the book of Jonah, and shows us how much it has to offer us today. The voice of the God of Mercy is begging to be heard; and religious people like Jonah are all too skilled at silencing it. I warmly commend this book to all readers.’

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