92 years of Redemptorists missionaries in Venezuela


The Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer celebrates 92 years of presence of Redemptorists missionaries in Venezuela.

On March 14, 1925, the Fathers Alvarez Palacios, Esteban Arce and Brother Rafael Nebot Robles begun the foundation, until the 24th housed in the archbishop Palace.

The first’s redemptorists in Venezuela, year 1929. Br. Isilio Colmenares and Rafael Nebot, FF. Nicanor Vadillo, Fidel Lucio, Feliciano Vilas and José Fernández Posado. At the front: Joaquín Sánchez, Andrés Alvarez, Ramiro Macua, Gregorio Arbeloa, Esteban Arce and José Pardo.

From the 24th of this month until February 3, 1927, they lived  in a rented house near the Church of San José. The first Visitor or Vice-Provincial of the foundation in Venezuela was Father Andrés Alvarez (1925-1927), it was called Venezuelan Viceprovince.


We have Redemptorist presence in Caracas (Sanctuary of Coromoto – Philosophical Pedro Donders and Brisas del Paraíso); Valencia (La Purísima Parish); Barquisimeto (San José Parish), San Cristobal (Perpetual Socorro Sanctuary), Barinas (Medalla Milagrosa Parish) and Maracaibo (Parish San Alfonso attended by the Province of Bogota).

“For us, our presence as Redemptorists in the country today is a challenge. At the moment, the Vice-Province consists of 18 Priests; 1 Student of temporary vows. In formation period, without votes: 2 pre novices; 6 Students of philosophy and 6 in the propaedeutic.

2016 redemptorists group

From Father Alexander Nieves, Venezuela.

Excerpt from the book ““Los Misioneros Redentoristas en Venezuela 1925-2008. Memoria y Análisis”,, by Father Lauro Núñez Huerta. September 2009. (Page 26-30)

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