Jubilee Celebrations at the Community of St. Alphonsus, Rome


On Wednesday, March 15th 2017, when all the Redemptorists celebrated the feast of St. Clement Hofbauer, the community of St. Alphonsus, Rome, made this occasion also to celebrate the Jubilee of four of our Confreres: Fr. José Moreira Pinto de Souza, 70 years of religious profession; Fr. Luis A. Roballo Lozano, 50 years of priestly ordination; Fr. Sebastianus Ani Dato, 25 years of ordination and Fr. Boukari Aristide Gnada, 25 years of Religious Profession.

In the evening at 6.30 all the confreres came together to celebrate a solemn high mass along with the jubilarians at the church of St. Alphonus. Fr. Luis Roballo was the main celebrant on this special occasion of joy, while other jubilarians and the Superior General Fr. Michael Brehl concelebrated. Along with the Conference Coordinators who are here in Rome for a meeting with the General Government, all the confreres of the community joined in prayer and thanksgiving to give testimony to these confreres for their commitment. After the festive dinner, confreres gathered together for a musical presentation led by Fr. Luis Roballo.

José Moreira Pinto de Souza, was born in Portugal belongs to the province of Lisboa, the Conference of Europe, and he made his first profession on August 24, 1947.

Luis A. Roballo Lozano, was born in Colombia comes from the province of Bogota, from the conference of Latin America and Caribbean, and he made his first profession on December 8, 1961.

Sebastianus Ani Dato, was born in Indonesia, comes from the province of Indonesia, the Conference of Asia-Oceania, and he made his first profession on June 28, 1983.

Boukari Aristide Gnada, was born in Burkina Faso and comes from the Vice-Province Afrique de l’Ouest (Province of France), Conference of Africa and Madagascar, and he made his first profession on 8 September 1992.