The awakening of the restless spirit


(Madrid) – On 27 March there was the presentation of the book “Amanece, que es mucho,” (Dawn is here, It is enough) recently published by the publishing house ‘Perpetuo Socorro’, of the Redemptorist Province of Madrid. During the meeting to present the book, the director of the publishing house Francisco Javier Caballero, introduced the book’s author, L. A. Gonzalo Díez, a Claretian missionary and editor of “Religious Life”; José Cristo Rey, professor of theology of religious life, Cardinal Carlos Osoro, Archbishop of Madrid.

During the meeting of presentation, the director of PS publication, recalled the great service rendered by this publishing house in the last century, in particular at the service of moral theology, pastoral theology and even the theology of consecrated life, as an Alphonsian feature and as part of Redemptorist spirituality. At the same time, he expressed his joy for the great reception of this book which is a great help for religious life especially in Spain.

The publishing house “Perpetuo Socorro”,  was founded in the year 1899 by the Redemptorist Missionaries exclusively to help the missionary evangelization.

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