The Catholic Church in the Philippines opens its doors to addicts to avoid a bloody drug war


The photo gallery at the front/entrance  of the sanctuary Baclaran

The international press is closely following the affair concerning the support of the church to the people in Philippines in the called “drug war” that also involves the Baclaran Redemptorist Community, here are some titles:

Philippines, priests defy Duterte’s “War on Drugs”
Sensitizing the public’s opinion and promoting a “non-conventional resistance.” Manila’s churches open their doors to dissidents and fugitives like during the Marcos’ era

La iglesia católica cobija a adictos en Filipinas para esquivar la sangrienta cruzada antidroga
Algunas iglesias de Filipinas ya fueron refugio de periodistas e intelectuales durante el régimen de Ferdinand Marcos, y ahora abren sus puertas a aquellos que se han convertido en ‘objetivos’ de la persecución impulsada por el presidente Duterte

‘Open the doors’: the Catholic churches hiding targets of Duterte’s drug war
Despite the climate of fear in the Philippines, a growing number of churches have opened their network of safe houses to people at risk of being killed


Redemptorist Brother Ciriaco Santiago, also known as Brother Jun, takes a photograph during one of his night sorties to cover the spate of drug-related killings in Manila. (Photo by Vincent Go)