A time of grace for the Redemptorists in Bolivia


Redemptorist missionaries in Bolivia, with gratitude, share the joy of having spent a week of special grace through three significant events:

 Annual Meeting of Redemptorist Missionaries, a meeting that allows focusing on some of the points that are fundamental to the religious life according to the Alphonsian charism. This year, for the first time this meeting was opened to the participation of the Sisters who also share the Redemptorist charism and also to some lay people who share the Redemptorist spirituality. The congregation in Bolivia is trying to increase the participation of the lay people in the Redemptorist family more and more. This was an opportunity to know better the pastoral and missionary work that these religious and lay people accomplished; at the same time it was also an opportunity to see how to join strengths and creativity to carry out the mission forward.

Spiritual retreat. The retreat was led by Fr. José Ulysses Da Silva, C.Ss.R., of the Province of Recife, Brazil, where we met the Lord and also spend time with all the confreres from different communities in Bolivia. He highlighted in his speeches, above all, the foundations of Redemptorist spirituality, touching themes such as incarnation, Eucharistic and passion, holding agape, Kénosis and Kerigma as transverse axis.

The ordination to the priesthood of Fr. Juan Carlos Urzagaste Urzagaste and Fr. Alexis Rearte Pérez. The summit of the week was Saturday, April 29, with the priestly ordination of these confreres, who with their testimony of choice for the Lord and enthusiasm for the mission, enrich the Redemptorist family. They received the order of priesthood from His Excellency, Bishop Jorge Saldías Pedraza, O.P., auxiliary bishop of the archdiocese of La Paz.

The people who participated in the ceremony were numerous and were happy that these two new ‘tarijeños’ priests soon will get a grand reception in their own hometown.  Most of these people have seen them grow in their path of faith since they were small, in the parish of “Mother of Perpetual Help”, in the city of Tarija.

These young priests celebrated their first Holy Mass on Sunday 30 April. We accompanied Father Alan Alexis Rearte, in his hometown, Salao del Naranjal, where a moving celebration brought together the families to thank God for the vocation and ordination of Fr. Alexis. The celebration began when Father Alexis received the blessing of his parents on the knees, who after having blessed him and embraced him accompanied him to the altar where he celebrated his first Eucharist.Returning from the city of Tarija joined the first Mass of Fr. Juan Carlos Urzagaste, who was in the same Parish of the “Mother of Perpetual Help.” The celebration was attended by a large number of people.

We really thank God for all the graces and blessing in these three important events of the Redemptorists in Bolivia.

Fr. Boris Calzadilla, C.Ss.R.