Two Redemptorists are ordained priests in Poland


On May 27, 2017, in Poland, two students: Br. Lukasz Baran CSsR and Br. Michał Wielgus CSsR were ordained by Bishop Damian Muskus from the Redemptorist Seminary in Tuchow.

The church was crowded and at 11 a.m., with the sound of church bells, the solemn procession began to celebrate the Eucharist at the Shrine of Our Lady of Tuchow. Among the many distinguished guests present on this day, the parents of the ordained deacons were also present. It was a moment of jubilation and celebration for all the faithful and especially to the parents of the candidates.

The gathered faithful were calling out to heaven for the intercession by singing the Litany to all the Saints, for the candidates who were prostrating before the altar. The prayers of so many people and the saints for these two deacons have certainly been heard. By the laying of the hands by the Bishop both of them became priests of Christ.

During the homily, the auxiliary bishop of Cracow encouraged these two young men saying, “do not worry”(Mt 6, 25) but trust in God’s Providence in your daily lives. In order to become a clear sign for the world, you must first need to trust God in an attitude of service.”  “Priesthood is not a role to play, but a sacrament,” said Bishop Damian. “God desires to draw people of all times to himself, and he does it by the ministry of priests,” he continued.

We are really grateful to God for the gift of the new priests Fr. Lukasz Baran CSsR and Fr. Michael Wielgus CSsR. May God continue to bless them in their future ministry.

Br. Adam Dudek CSsR, Tuchów, Poland

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