General Government’s visit in Bolivia  


The Extraordinary visitation from the part of the General government has begun in the Congregation. Santa Cruz de la Sierra, in Bolivia, has been the first place that hosted the first assembly for the confreres of Bolivia and the neighbouring units as part of the General Visitation. The two General Consultors who are animating the visitation are Frs. Pedro Lopez and Rogério Gomes.

The purpose of the Visit is to help “revitalize the Apostolic Life of the confreres and promote a greater awareness of the process of Restructuring”. With this goal in mind, time is being devoted to the knowledge and fraternal sharing of the confreres, sharing with the Plan of Action of the General Government, time for a day of retreat and, and also some time for studying the Decisions of the XXV General Chapter. We are also expecting the contributions of the confreres to the Apostolic Plan of the Conference and the process of Restructuring.

P. Pedro López, CSsR