A Call to minister to a Wounded World! (India)


(Goa, India) – Established in 2008, Loyola National Open School caters to the schooling needs of the under-privileged under the aegis of the Trust of Nano Nagle School (TNNS). Situated in the village of Shirvodem, close to the town of Margao in Goa in India, the vision of the school is “to provide free English medium education to the migrant street children, slum children and drop outs of Goa, and prevent child labour, child abuse and uphold the rights of the children, especially the girl children, and enhance the economic ability, overall health of the migrant and marginalized community of Goa“.

The Trust of Nagle School TNNS was started in 1981 to provide free education for slum children.  Most families of these children are of the migrants who have their settlements in the slums. Due to poverty, the families some times struggle for their basic necessities and getting their children educated under such conditions is always a challenge.


In March 1986, the formation and official registration of TNNS has strengthened the desire to continue providing free education and even open up new horizons for various activities. This concrete act was made possible primarily through the support of Terre des Hommes-Netherlands (TdH-NL) and a few benevolent individuals.  TdH-NL was upholding and implementing through NGOs like TNNS-Goa and others – the UN pledge:

  • To PROTECT EXPLOITED children;
  • To PREVENT exploitation of children
  • To PROSECUTE those involved in exploiting and sexually abusing – trafficking children.


Something special about the organization is that it offers Free English medium education to the street children, slum children, and dropouts through the Indian Central Government’s National Institute of Open schooling (NIOS) based in Noida, Utter Pradesh, India. With a vision towards the improvement of health of the migrant and marginalized children, TNNS started offering substantial food during the recess.   Through this humble effort, TNNS hopes to help prevent child labor, child abuse and uphold the rights of children. Thus it looks forward with hope to make an important contribution to the future of these children and therefore of this country.

Role of the Redemptorists-(Vice Province of Majella)

All Christians are called to be missionaries in so far as the love of God is something that is meant to be shared. The Redemptorists, as a fuller expression of their baptismal consecration, fulfill this most basic vocation of all Christians by responding with zeal and creativity to the pressing pastoral needs of the most abandoned, especially the poor, and by devoting themselves entirely to evangelization. The Congregation in living out its Charism in the 21st century identifies ministering to the migrants and those affected by the mass movement of the peoples as one of its very essential missionary priorities. Therefore the theme adopted by the whole congregation for the sexenium (2016-2022) is, “Witnesses of the Redeemer: In Solidarity for Mission to a Wounded World”

The Redemptorist- Vice Province of Majella sees the Loyola National Open School as a wonderful ministry to the migrants. Therefore at present the V. Province extends its support by totally funding the school’s annual budget. The Redemptorist formation community at Varca, Goa makes concrete this support by taking this project as its Migrant ministry and so offering services through the assistance of the Redemptorist students in Philosophy and the members of the community. The Redemptorist students every Saturday try to make a difference by taking classes, conducting games and interacting with the staff and the children. This encounter has helped the seminarians to grow steadily in their missionary vocation and out-reach to migrant workers and their children.

The Redemptorists of the V. Province of Majella thank God for the gift of TNNS and the opportunity to serve in his vineyard through this wonderful school. We pray that the efforts of TNNS may bring a lot of healing and joy in the lives of these children. At the same time we Redemptorists of the V. Province of Majella ask for the grace to able to live the theme of the congregation with great fervor and deep love for God.

(Ivel Mendanha about V Province project with slum children through Education)