Commission for the Apostolic Plan and Restructuring of the Conference of Europe


(Prati, Rome) The members of the Commission – Frs. Johannes Romelt (the new coordinator of the Conference), Alberto Eseverri and Pedro Lopez (General Consultors), Brendan Callanan (North West Europe), Rui Santiago (South Europe) and Jacek Zdrzalek (East Europe) – met in San Gioacchino, Rome on 4th and 5th of December 2017.

At this meeting the role of the commission was clarified in this way: to undertake an analysis of the ‘wounded world’ of the Conference with a view of establishing Apostolic Priorities, to make an analysis of each unit of the Conference. In this we are guided by GS 088 and other criteria established by the General Council, with a view to discern the resources of the Conference that can be used, which is addressing the apostolic priorities and, finally, to present a proposal of the Apostolic Plan and the Project of Reconfiguration of the Units.

The commission is aware of the many sources at its disposal to progress its work: The Constitutions and Statutes, Communicanda 1 of the General Government, the current priorities of the Conference, the contribution of the Units and the Secretariats of the Conference, the insights of the confreres at the Extraordinary Visits of the General Government and also the contribution of some experts.

The meeting ended with the distribution of certain tasks for the members of the Commission. The commission established a calendar of meetings for 2018.

The work was demanding but also very encouraging.

Pedro López, CSsR