Novices and Pre-Novices of the URNALC, URSAL and URB in the same place


(Santander, Colombia) With great joy, between December 28 and January 5, 34 young people (novices and pre-novices) met at the St. Alphonsus Novitiate of the URNALC (Union of Redemptorists of Northern Latin America and the Caribbean), Piedecuesta-Colombia,  belonging to the 3 sub-conferences of Latin America and people from different countries such as: Mexico, Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil and Argentina. The days have been joyful and hopeful experiences for the entire Congregation. During this time the novices of the year 2017, receive and accompany their pre-novice brothers telling them everything about the house and what is lived there. They were accompanied by the formation community.

In the first row from left to right: Calor López (Province of Bogotá), Bruno Coutinho (Vice Province of Manaus), Moises Mosqueda (Province of Mexico), Denilson Gomes (Vice Province of Manaus), Fr. Samuel Torres-Master of Novices ( Province of Bogotá), Gabriel Chawan (Vice Province of Caracas), Francisco Lemus (Province of Mexico), Luis Almanza (Province of Bogotá), Ely Millán (Vice Province of Caracas); In the second row from left to right: Danny Calero (Province of Central America-Nicaragua), Jhonatan Donis (Province of Central America-Guatemala), Cesar Maya (Province of Bogotá), Fermín Guevara (Province of Central America-El Salvador).

The new 12 novices, belonging to 7 nationalities and 5 units, will begin their canonical year on January 4. We wish them success and perseverance in their vocation.