Moral Theology and Pastoral Practice, Ongoing Formation Seminar, Goa, India


(Goa, India) Fr. Mark Miller C.Ss.R., moral theologian and provincial of the Edmonton Province in Canada, conducted a seminar for the Redemptorists in India at Old Goa (Vice Province of Majella) from 29th Jan to 2nd Feb 2018. In the five days, Fr. Miller covered issues such as contraception, abortion, IVF, homosexuality, palliative care, and euthanasia among others. Throughout his presentations, Fr. Miller constantly challenged us to move away from being moral policemen, from cultivating an attitude of moral absolutism, towards a process of discernment with the person, a process which may sometimes lead to ambiguity, but yet, a process in which the person is guided to make his or her own moral choices. In some of the issues such as contraception, IVF and palliative care, Fr. Miller provided us with new insights and alternatives that can be used in specific situations. The seminar was well received by the Redemptorists present, and many of them commended Fr. Miller not only for the content but also for his attitude of always listening without interruption or conflict.

There were 35 Redemptorists from the V. Province of Majella, the Province of Bangalore and the Liguori Province who attended the 5day seminar on Ongoing Formation on Moral Theology and Pastoral Concerns today. Apart from the learning experience, it was a time of sharing brotherhood together by the three Units in India. The Seminar was organised by the V. Province of Majella as part of its On-going formation programme.

Fr. Derreck Da Cruz, C.Ss.R. (V. Province of Majella)

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