The Redemptorists and the water scarcity in Mozambique


(Muvamba, Mozambique)  “In Mozambique, the statistics are stark: 14.8 million people have no clean water, and more than 21 million are without a safe place to go to the toilet. Women and children make long, exhausting journeys to collect dirty water for their families.” (The Guardian)

76% of those who fetch water in the rural community of Muvamba, Mozambique are girls and women. The Redemptorists with the funding from have shortened the average walking time from six hours to just over two hours to the people here. Just to give a glimpse of the situation we have collected some information from the Tweets of Gerry O’Connor, CSsR

Men and women may sit apart at some of the community meetings in rural Mozambique, but both spoke passionately about their need for access to clean water.

Community water cisterns supported by the Redemptorists in rural Mozambique combines the energy of local community volunteers with Irish funding for cement, to deliver community reservoirs of accessible water, comfort and resilience in an area hurt by climate change.

Great community meeting in Unguana , Mozambique. Strong voices, principally from women about the hardship of fetching water, how their daughters miss school in the process. Hoping with support from to deliver in August a new water pump that will serve 400 people daily.

Water Cisterns capture the rare rain in rural Mozambique and store to give hope and reassurance to schools and families. Just visited 30+ cisterns made by Redemptorists in partnership with . Every good wish to Manguomo community currently building a cistern.

Delighted to visit a water pump delivered by the Redemptorists with the help of in rural Muvamba, Mozambique .

Twitter of Gerry O’Connor

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