GREST, a summer camp filled with the colours of hospitality and friendship


(Materdomini, Italy) GREST, a summer camp filled with the colours of hospitality and friendship took place here in Materdomini last week. Many young people took part in this first summer experience here at Materdomini (Avellino), in the Parish of St. Gerard Majella. There were many afternoon activities, accompanied by moments of prayer and games. The purpose of the GREST is to make the summer of young people more live and an experience of joy by Gospel Sharing and educative games. The youth are confronted with realities of faith, and they talk, play and come to the realization that everything is a gift and that everything that has been received must be lived with gratitude and shared. That’s why we want to give voice to our young people to their experiences they have lived,  at Muro Lucano where St. Gerard Majella lived.

Going to Muro Lucano, visiting the places where St Gerard was born and raised, has given a unique experience for many of our children. For many, it was the first time to stop at the house where the Saint was born, to see the workshop of master Pannuto where St. Gerard has learned the art of sewing, to visit the Cathedral where St. Gerard received the Eucharist. Going along the same roads, taking the path of the ‘Ripe’ and arriving at Capodigiano, the place of the miracle of the white bread meant returning to the heart of the beginning of the life of Saint Gerard. All this was enriched by the party that the people from Muro Lucano have prepared for us. This was a unique meeting, as if the children knew each other forever, surely blessing by our dear saint Gerard.

Fr. Gennaro, CSsR